Marijuana Edibles Ship Anywhere In The United States

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In case you haven’t heard, there are companies purporting to ship marijuana edibles all across the United States, and even the world. They’re claiming that they ship safely and discretely. Growing up, I was taught that if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Being able to order marijuana from the comfort of your home sounds fantastic. But there’s one small little detail that makes me think this is a farce. That little detail would be the legality issues surrounding marijuana. I don’t think I need to explain how illegal it is to ship any part of the marijuana plant. It’s still a Schedule I drug in the US, which means it’s very illegal. Schedule I drugs have been classified by the US federal government as high abuse potential.

So how is shipping their edibles nationwide? We decided to dig deeper to see what’s really going on under the hood. While we are fans of cannabis ourselves, this just seemed a little fishy.

The Truth About Marijuana Edibles

Anyone with half a brain should know by now that weed isn’t as bad as it’s been made out to be. The information disseminated about weed through the main media channels is the textbook definition of propaganda.

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What the media has been spewing for decades qualifies as both biased and misleading. They constantly report on make-believe factoids about marijuana but fail to show the good side of the drug. The medical uses for marijuana are vast and widespread, but I have only seen some of the uses mention less than a handful of times. One of my favorite heroes who speaks openly about marijuana is Sanjay Gupta. He is one of the few big-name talking heads that has made his support for medical marijuana very clear. You can read Sanjay’s opinion on medical marijuana to see where he stands.

Even though we believe that marijuana isn’t all that bad for you and that the benefits far outweigh the downside, that doesn’t matter. The reason it doesn’t matter is that it’s still illegal to ship it across the US or internationally. We support responsible weed usage but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s federally illegal in the United States.

We have the war on drugs to thank for this mess. It all started back in 1971 when Nixon decided to go all gung-ho on petty drug crimes. He had is agenda, which many say wasn’t about drugs at all. People from his administration say it was about targeting the antiwar left and blacks. Fresh out of the Jim Crow era, this isn’t a hard concept for people to believe.

What About The Edibles?

Well, after doing a little digging, there are companies that claim to ship edibles but I wouldn’t trust them. Lookup their reputation and chances are you’ll see a bunch of scam complaints. People are trying to buy edibles online left and right and losing a lot of money in the process. As far as the aforementioned company, they’re a little tricky. They are actually shipping different kinds of edibles and cannabis products that only contain trace levels of THC, below the legal limit. While technically the edibles do have some THC in them, they’re not the same as what you’re probably thinking.


Marijuana Surging In Popularity And So Are Arrests

Millions of people are wanting marijuana to become recreational nationwide. Millions more are taking to marijuana to cope with their daily problems. Both of these groups are benefiting from the surge in popularity of this special plant.

When it comes to cannabis issues, there are two pro-canna groups. You have the recreational marijuana supporters and you also have the medical marijuana supporters. These are two totally different demographics.

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Source: Marist Poll/Yahoo News

Millennials Lead The Weed Pack

According to a poll conducted by Marist Poll and Yahoo News, Millennials make up 52% of marijuana users. Why might this be? Is it the stereotype of their blatant disdain for authority or their rebellious nature? Who knows. But what’s pretty apparent is that Millennials believe in their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There’s something admirable about a group of young adults that stand up for what they believe in. They are a different breed.

The Baby Boomers were more conservative than the Millennials. Most of them did not approve of their bank investing in marijuana related endeavors. Millennials just don’t give a crap about anything. They’re like the new age hippies or something.

Out of the 22% of people who use marijuana, 52% were Millennials and 71% don’t identify with any particular religion. They were a close split between their political philosophies. A whopping 43% of them identify as democrats with independents coming in at 42%. Only a mere 14% of them identify as republican.

Are Republicans Holding Marijuana Legalization Back?

It doesn’t take too much research to see what the hold up is. Clearly the GOP isn’t fully on board with marijuana. They’re not even fully on board with medical marijuana, much less recreational. You can find numerous articles claiming that the GOP is blocking marijuana-friendly legislation. My question is, why would they want to prevent marijuana-friendly legislation from passing.

Given that this is America that we’re talking about, it’s not rocket science. All the strange political moves seem to fall back to a group of people trying to protect their vested interest. In short, it usually boils down to money. Whether it’s the alcohol industry, the prison industry, or a different industry, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s big money involved. Both alcohol and prison profits are predicted to take a hit from friendlier marijuana laws.

Marijuana Arrests Are Rising

Even though more states have legalized recreational and medical marijuana than ever, arrests are still on the rise. I’m not too shocked about the rise in marijuana related arrests. The laws are pretty poor even in states where it’s legal to smoke pot. You can still get arrested for attempting to ship marijuana or for smoking in public. Not to mention that people are probably selling their medical marijuana to their friends. I know that happens for a fact. The Marist Poll also showed that most people get their weed from a close friend.

Given the easier access to marijuana, it’s no surprise arrests are on the rise. I think this trend may continue for another term or two until people get used to having easy access to marijuana. I see a lot of people smoking in public and driving cars that smell like MJ smoke. When the taboo nature of marijuana is eradicated and it’s more socially accepted, I think arrests will plummet along with prison profits (just my humble opinion, don’t manage your investments based on my opinion).

Roger Khan Returns To Guyana Next Month From Federal Prison

roger khan

Roger Khan, also known as cocaine Roger, is set to be released from federal prison on July 8 2019. He received his sentence after a violent gang rape he took part in.

He is being housed in a medium security male-only prison, Lompoc, in California until his release. The prison is 175 miles northwest of Los Angeles, and the inmates can only serve full-term sentences there (no parole or early release).

Apparently raping girls, being a hitman, and stealing cars was his thing. He was known and respected for being a really bad guy in the streets. What do you think about convicted rapists getting back out on the streets? It makes me cringe.

He recently also got caught with a cocaine pen while in prison. This leads me to believe he is still into some vile stuff. An inmate was found in his cell, semi-conscious & naked, with violent sexual assault injuries that looked like rape. It seemed pretty obvious who did it since there were only 2 inmates in the cell. Unfortunately the inmate refused to cooperate. I guess that’s how prison is – you get killed if you snitch about someone raping you.

When the inmate told the details of attack to the officers and  prison medical staff, he said he wanted to get under security protection or isolation until the accused inmate could be transferred. That seems to be how things go in prison, because in the real world things could never have escalated so far.  I hate to say it, but I feel bad for some non-violent offenders because they really shouldn’t be kept in prison with rapists. Someone who has trafficked drugs is far less dangerous than someone who has done bodily harm to another human being.

I guess there are also different ethnic groups with different powers depending on the prison. I imagine the Mexicans have much more power in prisons surrounding Los Angeles compared to the prison in downtown Miami. It’s all relative to the community I guess.

Prison rape is very sad, and I think people should be alerted to the risks of putting men like this in cells with average, non-violent men.

What a shocking photo here. This was done by Khan to his fellow inmate. This should be considered before his release. Our mothers and daughters aren’t safe in the streets when they let him go.

Roger Khan clearly has no concern for humankind and he is a violent criminal. Regardless of how long he was already in prison, he should remain for the sake of public safety.