Loveless, Stressful & Abusive – My Fake Marriage to Jagdeo

Varshnie Singh married per her Hindu rites in 1998. It was an arranged marriage to Bharrat Jagdeo and the two became the President and the First Lady of India.

She suffered much more than the public realized. She wasn’t allowed work She didn’t receive pampering, healthcare, or finances to support herself.

The two made a deal before they were married that they’d move to Guyana for work which never came to fruition. Jagdeo had a temper and would lock Varshnie out of the couple’s bedroom and leave her to fend for herself.

He was cruel. She moved out of England in 1997 and left her good life working in a law firm to go to Guyana and help her father with obtaining land that was stolen from him.


bharrat jagdeo fakes a wedding to uma varshnie singhWhen the couple had major problems, and she told Jagdeo she wanted a divorce, he was incredibly embarrassed. When he was set to take over the Presidency, he also wanted to swear in his unhappy wife or kids. What president doesn’t have a wife? That’s not a good evolutionarily fit status for a president. As their relationship got worse, their status improved.

As the first lady, Varshnie set up a children’s non-profit to help provide food and water. She served as the leader of the National Commission of the Rights of the Child, and National Steering Committee Against Child Labour.

He was so mean he couldn’t even support her in that.

She was just so innocent and kind, and her work was to add commitment, and honesty to aid others in need despite what the government claimed to invest in and provide. For ten years she served Indo-Guyana. She never received the full support of a husband and nation because everyone found her work embarrassing.

They just wanted her to be pretty, and act like she serves a purpose.

Varshnie was a behind the scenes Leader. She was patriotic, loved her Guanese people, her race, her religion, humanity, and the political structure where she served as first lady. Little did the public know, the president controlled everything relating to the First Lady. When they divorced after 10 years, she had to depend on her parents. Sometimes when the couple was married she would visit her Auntie to shower before going home to the presidential suite the next morning.

In 2002, she recevied a Bollywood award for Humanitarian efforts – Michael Jackson was the previous recipient.

In 2007, she helped 9 children and 1 adult get open heart surgery

She has depended on her Aunt for food, and her parents for clothes for many years.


President Jagdeo eventually removed Singh from the state house when they announced their divorce to the public. Jagdeo basically took everything and gave Singh the status of an ordinary Guyanese citizen, shutting down her organization as well.



Darshanand Rudy Persaud the Man Who Killed


Darshanand ‘Rudy’ Persaud of Richmond Hill might have concealed something very dark kfrom the public for many years. It finally seems to have caught up with him. For quite some time, he worked at Amberly Family Dentistry in Tampa Florida where bandits walk around in broad daylight. It’s not the best neighborhood.

Are you following the story on Rudy Persaud? He killed his lover and unborn child in his cousin’s store at liberty. He ran to Tampa and told people she must get an abortion the family will disown him. People need to know that he is a murderer and he killed that girl.

He is allegedly hiding in Denver with his sister-in-law and also has a brother who lives in San Diego.

The Kupka’s have suffered since 1998 when their daughter and sister was killed. They desire to know who is responsible and for that person to be held accountable. This week police broke through a cement floor under a building on Liberty Avenue in Jamaica where they’re hoping to uncover further details about the case. Kupka’s close relatives and cohorts think the Persaud’s relatives are keeping secret the true murderer. something. They own own the business in Jamaica and police were finally able to get a warrant to search the premises.

Police were never before allowed to search the business until they got the warrant. When the business was sold, they finally got the warrant. Rudy Persaud is married and a practicing dentist in Tampa.

By the way, just before Kupka’s disappearance, she was always talking about a new man in her Bestie’s life. Persaud hated her and he was a teacher at her school. He wanted to be with her.
Nobody was taken with him when Persaud met Christine’s roommates which is just creepy.

Coincidentally she disappears, then is killed and he’s the last on that saw her. Christine’s group had an immediate fear of Persaud, like he wasn’t trustworthy but he was cute.

When Christine found out she was pregnant with his kid, the family hesitated to congratulate her. He was also pissed because they just had a quick fling. It’s seems extra suspicious that she went missing shortly after announcing her pregnancy. Apparently he felt there were cultural differences in raising a child with her.

Persaud is a Guyanese immigrant man and his dad is Hindu . But Christine is white. Persaud is what you might call Indo-American-Guyanese. He also had a wife, and demanded Christine have an abortion. This made him feel even more terrified and pissed, putting her in a really bad situation.

Swami Shiveshwarananda Family Stole Millions Using America Seva Temple In Schenectady

On Wednesday a couple was brought before a federal magistrate where they were charged with bank fraud and money laundering. An indictment accuses Baldeo and Kamla Sahabir of taking part in fraud relating to a case where more than $3.5 million in unclaimed funds were stolen from Manhattan Bank. The couple is accused of funneling more than $2.4 million through a Hindu temple bank. They are from Schenectady and both of them have strong ties to a Hindu temple known as American Seva International which is located on Page Street in Schenectady. The State Police and the U.S. Secret Service worked together for several years investigating this scheme where they were able to unravel ten counts of bank fraud and money laundering.

According to records, this particular couple deals with real estate where Kamla Sahabir is an agent with Prudential Manor Homes. This particular real estate company has been active in the community where it has worked in several projects including bringing Guyanese immigrants from downstate. In fact, the mayor backed her for a city commission seat in 2005 which shows that she is a prominent person in the community, especially when it comes to dealing with real estate.

This indictment is related to the arrest of a former Bank of New York in Manhattan employee who is known as Lal B. Singh. On his arrest in August 2007, he was charged on several charges including conspiracy to commit fraud. He pled guilty to the charges in December last year and has cooperated with the investigations of the government. During his time as a manager at the Bank of New York, he oversaw unclaimed funds which were related to bond holders who did not cash securities. According to the state law, the unclaimed funds must be sent to the state comptroller after three years. But court records show that Singh created phony payouts to accomplices. He was able to do this because he had access to a database of unclaimed funds.

swami shiveshwaranandaSingh used his position at the bank to start making wire transfer requests from the accounts of the unclaimed funds to the accounts of individuals who he was connected to including Baldeo and Kamla Sahabir. This started in 1996 and by 2007 he had caused about $3.6 million of unclaimed funds to be transferred to accounts of his associates from the Bank of New York. This is according to an affidavit by a special agent from the U.S. Secret Service.

Details show that even Singh got a portion of the money transferred. The records show that an account owned by the nonprofit Hindu group connected to Baldeo and Kamla received $2.46 million of the money transferred. Between July 2003 and May 2007, Singh used 286 wire transfers to funnel the money into the Hindu group’s account. According to records from Singh’s case, $191,200 was transferred to him in the form of checks that were cashed at the Rotterdam branch of Bank of America. The records further show that the used checks listed the name Lal Singh in the memo line. There was also another $334,900 in the form of checks which were written to an individual that was not identified. This person who was not identified sold property in Queens to Singh for $425,000. Further $288,400 in the form of checks which were written to Singh’s wife were deposited into an account in New York Community Bank. After the initial listening to this indictment Baldeo and Kamla Sahabir were released on $500,000 bond each.