Roger Khan Returns To Guyana Next Month From Federal Prison

roger khan

Roger Khan, also known as cocaine Roger, is set to be released from federal prison on July 8 2019. He received his sentence after a violent gang rape he took part in.

He is being housed in a medium security male-only prison, Lompoc, in California until his release. The prison is 175 miles northwest of Los Angeles, and the inmates can only serve full-term sentences there (no parole or early release).

Apparently raping girls, being a hitman, and stealing cars was his thing. He was known and respected for being a really bad guy in the streets. What do you think about convicted rapists getting back out on the streets? It makes me cringe.

He recently also got caught with a cocaine pen while in prison. This leads me to believe he is still into some vile stuff. An inmate was found in his cell, semi-conscious & naked, with violent sexual assault injuries that looked like rape. It seemed pretty obvious who did it since there were only 2 inmates in the cell. Unfortunately the inmate refused to cooperate. I guess that’s how prison is – you get killed if you snitch about someone raping you.

When the inmate told the details of attack to the officers and  prison medical staff, he said he wanted to get under security protection or isolation until the accused inmate could be transferred. That seems to be how things go in prison, because in the real world things could never have escalated so far.  I hate to say it, but I feel bad for some non-violent offenders because they really shouldn’t be kept in prison with rapists. Someone who has trafficked drugs is far less dangerous than someone who has done bodily harm to another human being.

I guess there are also different ethnic groups with different powers depending on the prison. I imagine the Mexicans have much more power in prisons surrounding Los Angeles compared to the prison in downtown Miami. It’s all relative to the community I guess.

Prison rape is very sad, and I think people should be alerted to the risks of putting men like this in cells with average, non-violent men.

What a shocking photo here. This was done by Khan to his fellow inmate. This should be considered before his release. Our mothers and daughters aren’t safe in the streets when they let him go.

Roger Khan clearly has no concern for humankind and he is a violent criminal. Regardless of how long he was already in prison, he should remain for the sake of public safety.