Loveless, Stressful & Abusive – My Fake Marriage to Jagdeo

Varshnie Singh married per her Hindu rites in 1998. It was an arranged marriage to Bharrat Jagdeo and the two became the President and the First Lady of India.

She suffered much more than the public realized. She wasn’t allowed work She didn’t receive pampering, healthcare, or finances to support herself.

The two made a deal before they were married that they’d move to Guyana for work which never came to fruition. Jagdeo had a temper and would lock Varshnie out of the couple’s bedroom and leave her to fend for herself.

He was cruel. She moved out of England in 1997 and left her good life working in a law firm to go to Guyana and help her father with obtaining land that was stolen from him.


bharrat jagdeo fakes a wedding to uma varshnie singhWhen the couple had major problems, and she told Jagdeo she wanted a divorce, he was incredibly embarrassed. When he was set to take over the Presidency, he also wanted to swear in his unhappy wife or kids. What president doesn’t have a wife? That’s not a good evolutionarily fit status for a president. As their relationship got worse, their status improved.

As the first lady, Varshnie set up a children’s non-profit to help provide food and water. She served as the leader of the National Commission of the Rights of the Child, and National Steering Committee Against Child Labour.

He was so mean he couldn’t even support her in that.

She was just so innocent and kind, and her work was to add commitment, and honesty to aid others in need despite what the government claimed to invest in and provide. For ten years she served Indo-Guyana. She never received the full support of a husband and nation because everyone found her work embarrassing.

They just wanted her to be pretty, and act like she serves a purpose.

Varshnie was a behind the scenes Leader. She was patriotic, loved her Guanese people, her race, her religion, humanity, and the political structure where she served as first lady. Little did the public know, the president controlled everything relating to the First Lady. When they divorced after 10 years, she had to depend on her parents. Sometimes when the couple was married she would visit her Auntie to shower before going home to the presidential suite the next morning.

In 2002, she recevied a Bollywood award for Humanitarian efforts – Michael Jackson was the previous recipient.

In 2007, she helped 9 children and 1 adult get open heart surgery

She has depended on her Aunt for food, and her parents for clothes for many years.


President Jagdeo eventually removed Singh from the state house when they announced their divorce to the public. Jagdeo basically took everything and gave Singh the status of an ordinary Guyanese citizen, shutting down her organization as well.