Darshanand Rudy Persaud the Man Who Killed


Darshanand ‘Rudy’ Persaud of Richmond Hill might have concealed something very dark kfrom the public for many years. It finally seems to have caught up with him. For quite some time, he worked at Amberly Family Dentistry in Tampa Florida where bandits walk around in broad daylight. It’s not the best neighborhood.

Are you following the story on Rudy Persaud? He killed his lover and unborn child in his cousin’s store at liberty. He ran to Tampa and told people she must get an abortion the family will disown him. People need to know that he is a murderer and he killed that girl.

He is allegedly hiding in Denver with his sister-in-law and also has a brother who lives in San Diego.

The Kupka’s have suffered since 1998 when their daughter and sister was killed. They desire to know who is responsible and for that person to be held accountable. This week police broke through a cement floor under a building on Liberty Avenue in Jamaica where they’re hoping to uncover further details about the case. Kupka’s close relatives and cohorts think the Persaud’s relatives are keeping secret the true murderer. something. They own own the business in Jamaica and police were finally able to get a warrant to search the premises.

Police were never before allowed to search the business until they got the warrant. When the business was sold, they finally got the warrant. Rudy Persaud is married and a practicing dentist in Tampa.

By the way, just before Kupka’s disappearance, she was always talking about a new man in her Bestie’s life. Persaud hated her and he was a teacher at her school. He wanted to be with her.
Nobody was taken with him when Persaud met Christine’s roommates which is just creepy.

Coincidentally she disappears, then is killed and he’s the last on that saw her. Christine’s group had an immediate fear of Persaud, like he wasn’t trustworthy but he was cute.

When Christine found out she was pregnant with his kid, the family hesitated to congratulate her. He was also pissed because they just had a quick fling. It’s seems extra suspicious that she went missing shortly after announcing her pregnancy. Apparently he felt there were cultural differences in raising a child with her.

Persaud is a Guyanese immigrant man and his dad is Hindu . But Christine is white. Persaud is what you might call Indo-American-Guyanese. He also had a wife, and demanded Christine have an abortion. This made him feel even more terrified and pissed, putting her in a really bad situation.

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  1. This man is a murderer and his shameless family shielding him from they are all murderers and will suffer grave consequences.

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